Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mechanical Fabrication

Over the past two weeks many of the telescope's mechanical components have been undergoing fabrication and finishing. In particular, the secondary mirror alignment and support structures have been a major priority due to the large number of component involved and the complexity of the apparatus. Most of the adjustment mechanisms have now been constructed, and the team is evaluating fabrication options for the spider mount sheet metal work.
Adalberto milling a secondary support bracket.

Another major project has been telescope metering. We have now cut the carbon fiber tubes to their appropriate length, and constructed mounting platforms for the primary mirror box and upper outer secondary ring. All that remains for this part of the telescope is to mount the ball and socket joints to the platforms. Once this is done, the telescope will start to look more like the finished project.

Attachment point for the truss ball-and-socket joints
The schedule for components now has most of the mechanical fabrication done by the end of June for the components already put into CAD. The only essential portions of the telescope still left to be designed and fabricated are the tertiary mirror mount and focuser holder.

Primary mirror box with attachment points.

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  1. Excellent job boys!
    I look forward to see this when Mel weekend comes around.