Sunday, June 24, 2012

Weekend Update on Fabrication

 The team was busy all last week machining many of the components for the telescope. In particular, the secondary mount structures were mostly completed. Below is a selection of images of the parts machined by the team.
This upcoming week we will focus on the primary mount, and hope to complete the frame, backing plates, adjustment screws, and mirror strap holders. By the end of the week, with any luck, both the primary and secondary mirrors will be able to be positioned within the telescope.

The completed base of the secondary mirror mount. Radial symmetry is essential.

The secondary brace ring. Note two of the three needed plates complete on the central structure.

The connection points for the mirror trusses and spider veins. Slight modifications were made to the designs to ensure a more secure connection. This was an interesting example of engineering principles and machining practicality coming into conflict.

The completed secondary ring, with carbon fiber 1" diameter leftover tubes added for scale.

Material is removed from a scrap part to make the connection piece between the spider veins and secondary mount. The pictured beam is approximately 2" thick.
The central secondary structure, with no attachment points for spider veins. Because it screws into the secondary mount, the inter-mirror spacing will be slightly adjustable.

Adalberto machining the secondary structures.

Note the thin grooves in which spider plates can be fitted. This part was completely modified from the original design, as the plans were aesthetically appealing but not possible to machine with the available tooling. The new design uses L-beam sections in place of curved pipe segments.

The view from above. Note the extremely narrow yet uniform spacing of the L-beams, requiring precise alignment.

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